Wilkes University Music Courses Fall 2012

wilkes fall 2012wilkes fall 2012

wilkes music minor fall 2012

Here are the music course offerings from the Department of Performing Arts at Wilkes University. I have been very fortunate More

NYC Summer Mahler Project 2012

If you’re in NYC Thursday, July 13, 2012, please stop by St. Bartholomew’s Church (325 Park Ave/51st St), for an evening of Mahler’s 5th Symphony.

This is the third year that director James Blachly is presenting a Mahler symphony to raise funds More

The Tuning CD

As audition season rolls around again, an excellent tool for developing and working with crazy pitch (students, amateur, and pros alike) is Rich Schwartz’s The Tuning CD. I use it for scales, intervals, and especially orchestral excerpts.

Rich is a friend of my boyfriend and I am very thankful that his research produced this tool. It really keeps my pitch centered and grounded, especially if I don’t have a tuned piano available.

The Tuning CD and Other Goodies

As classical musicians we are always trying to figure out some fancy staging for our album covers or promo/press packets.

This is one of the greatest blogs out there that pays tribute to those creative people who totally went there (and maybe shoudn’t have) to get themselves noticed.

Awkward Classical Music Photos Blog


Virtual Flute Choir 2012

I came across the Virtual Flute Choir’s request for submissions while I was browsing the Fluteworld.com website. Not having enough time to submit a video, I was happy to hear that there was an extension, so I hustled and recorded the Alto 2 part for the project.

I had to use my iphone since my recording location doesn’t have wifi and the lack of prep measure was challenging, so hopefully the video is useable. The solid silver Rudall Carte alto had other obligations, so I used the cost efficient silver-plated Artley.

One of the most well produced virtual collaborations is Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir project. ;Moving and sensational, this is a great example of what is possible.

Orangetown Concert Band 2012

Being invited to sub as principal flute with a band I’ve never played with before IS the spice of life.

If you’re in NY close to NJ, stop by the village of Nyack for a concert at 7:30 pm Tuesday 7/3 at Memorial Park on the Hudson.

Bernstein, E: Magnificent Seven, Bernstein: West Side Story Selections, Carmichael: Stardust (Sal Spicola, alto sax), Denza: Funiculi, Funicula, Gershwin: Selections from Porgy and Bess, Gould: American Salute, Harline: When You Wish Upon a Star, Mancini: Pie in the Face Polka, Nestico: Persuasion (Sal Spicola, alto sax), Silvestri: Captain America March, Sousa: Stars and Stripes, Sparke: Three Klezmer Miniatures (#2, #3)Ward: America, the Beautiful. Charles Yassky, conductor. Free.

Friends of the Nyacks

Well, who knew that this band would have so many all-star players! Broadway musicians included Sal Spicola (alto sax, pictured below on the right), Gene Scholtens (bassoon), Atsuko Sato (bassoon), Les Scott (clarinet), and Rick Henly (trumpet). Sarah Davol, who I hadn’t seen since her husband (the amazing hornist RJ Kelley) and my boyfriend’s opening night party of Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, was playing principal oboe. It was really nice to reconnect with Rich Chiandusse (trumpet) and to see JoAnn Lamolino (trumpet).

Charles Yassky was an excellent conductor and the flute section was amazing. Clearly this ensemble was not a typical “community” band.


Paramus Community Orchestra Concert 2012

The Paramus Community Orchestra will present the second summer concert of the season and I’ll be playing mostly principal flute. Located behind the Paramus Library and across from Paramus High School (99 E. Century Rd), the concert is free and open to the public. Bring blankets or chairs to sit on the lawn. Parking available behind the library or at the high school.

7/2 (7:30 pm) Concert: (Paramus Community Orchestra) Paramus Library (Band Shell-116 E. Century Rd)-Paramus, NJ. Berlin: God Bless America, Custer: A Salute to the Big Bands, Gilpin: M-G-M (A Choral Medley), Gould: American Salute, Hertz/Herron: The Library Song, Lowden: Barry Manilow Selections for Orchestra, Sousa: Stars and Stripes. Ward, America the Beautiful. Judy Wilkes, conductor. Free.